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A proven track record in asbestos surveys

Elite Asbestos Solutions Ltd - providing a compliant and always-exemplary service in asbestos consultancy in Bradford and West Yorkshire.

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Leaders in asbestos control

Here at Elite Asbestos Solutions Ltd we go above and beyond for our clients by providing a tailored asbestos service that includes consultation, planning, project management, inspection, removal and disposal.

We carry out a variety of surveys for domestic and non-domestic properties, which include management surveys, refurbishment and demolition surveys, and project-specific surveys.

If you are responsible for managing asbestos in your property, or you suspect you have come across an asbestos-containing material, contact us today.

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A comprehensive service from experienced asbestos surveyors and consultants

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Demolition Asbestos Survey

Refurbishment and demolition surveys

Refurbishing or demolishing a building? You will need to know whether there are any asbestos-containing materials present that could be affected by the works.

We will verify this for you, using intrusive and destructive inspection methods.

Management surveys

This survey type is minimally intrusive, and will allow us to verify (as far as reasonably possible) the presence of asbestos-containing materials in your premises.

roof being inspected for presence of asbestos
Asbestos Inspection

Re-inspection surveys

Previously had a survey carried out? The re-inspection will assess the condition of any previously identified ACMs.

Project-specific surveys

A combination of the management and refurbishment/demolition surveys, minimising the level of damage caused and specific to the building works you intend to carry out.

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For a superior service in asbestos management, call Elite Asbestos Solutions Ltd on:
01274 881728
07746 510543

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